Timothy J. Coulter

Master of Science in Computer Science (in progress)
University of Southern California, Remote, Summer 2023 — Present
  • Expected completion Spring 2025
Single Subject Credential, Mathematics
Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA, Fall 2022 - Spring 2023
  • Co-taught a full year of AP CS Principles and Trigonmetry/Precalc as part of the North Bay Teacher Residency Program
  • Logged over 500 hours in the classroom at Piner High School in Santa Rosa, under the supervision of John Williams
  • Successfully passed the EdTPA and received credential 8/1/2023 (document number 230211350).
Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering
Graduated Cum Laude May 2007, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL
  • GPA: overall 3.5/major 3.9
Research Assistant Under Dr. Cem Kaner, Funded by the National Science Foundation
Fall 2005 — Spring 2007, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL
Sonoma State University
Lecturer, CS 385: Blockchain Engineering (Selected Topics in Computer Science)
Spring 2024, In-Person | Syllabus | In-progress
  • Building, teaching, and assessing students on blockchain application development, history, and related topics, like public/private key cryptography and its importance to blockchain technology.
  • Students will focus heavily on Solidity during the first half of the course, then then implement advanced topics in the latter half.
  • This course is heavily experimental; the underlying technology has existed for a decade at best. It's also crazy fun.
Lecturer, CS 355: Database Management & Systems Design
Fall 2023, In-Person | Syllabus | End-of-Course Survey Results
  • Created, taught, and assessed 300-level course on SQL and No-SQL databases, focussing on real-world use cases
  • Used mastery-based grading focussed on student achievement, was very well-received (see end-of-course survey results )
  • Students ended the course with a capstone project, creating a working database-backed application
Industry Experience
Group Manager, Consensys Software, Inc.
November 2020 — November 2021, (Remote) Various Locations
  • Joined due to acquisition (see below); led the development tools group, reporting to the executive team.
  • Ensured smooth onboarding of my employees into Consensys, and helped develop strategies so we could better support company initiatives.
  • Helped build and manage new blockchain related projects, including blockchain bridge tooling.
  • Left after a year to explore potential new career paths.
CEO & Founder, Truffle Blockchain Group, Inc.
April 2015 — November 2020, (Remote) Various Locations
  • Built Truffle Suite, foundational blockchain software development tooling that's been downloaded over 25 million times.
  • Started as a single founder; grew the company to 25 at its peak, including engineering, marketing, sales and operations.
  • Held global conferences in partnership with Microsoft, and maintained training programs to onboard new developers into the ecosystem.
  • Sold the company to Consensys in 2020 so Truffle could continue its mission of building world class blockchain software development tools.
Software Quality Engineer, LayerVault, Inc.
August 2013 — April 2015, (Remote) New York, NY
  • Performed manual exploratory testing across all aspects of our application and service, including our OS X client and our Rails/Ember web client.
  • Helped develop LayerVault Enterprise, a self-hosted version of LayerVault for large clients that runs in both VirtualBox and VMware.
  • Found hundreds of show-stopping bugs, often using video screencasting to communicate the issues remotely, to show both significance and reproduction steps.
Founder, NoteApp
December 2010 — June 2014, Various Locations
  • Created a profitable business and note-taking product that still exists today: https://noteapp.com
  • Responsible for all aspects of the product, business, brand, and marketing as a single founder.
  • Wrote thousands of lines of Javascript and Ruby, and built my own client-side ORM.
  • Employed and contracted multiple people. Successfully exited in June 2014.
Software Quality Engineer, Shopkeep, Inc.
March 2012 — August 2013, (Remote) New York, NY
  • QA engineer for popular iOS point-of-sale system.
  • Created an iOS GUI automation framework from scratch using mostly Javascript, during a time where automation was not a first class citizen in XCode and Apple processes (i.e., pre-KIF).
  • Performed manual exploratory testing of both the frontend app, backend server and third party payment processors and integrations, finding and reproducing the company's most pressing bugs.
Software Quality Engineer, Viggle, Inc.
November 2011 — March 2012, New York, NY
  • Performed manual exploratory testing on a "second-screen" iOS TV application.
  • From lead developer: "Tim pinpointed each issue with exact reproduction steps, saving me tons of time and making it much easier to fix each one."
  • Found the largest issues negatively affecting user experience, and lobbied directly to the CTO to get them fixed.
Director of Quality Assurance, blip.tv
August 2010 — November 2011, New York, NY
  • Created a small testing team from the ground up.
  • Performed and managed exploratory testing, experimenting with session-based test management and risk-based test direction.
  • Introduced both manual and automated testing processes to the company, and when the company had only a few employees, included them in the testing effort.
Software Quality Engineer, Intent Media, Inc.
July 2009 — August 2010, New York, NY
  • Led performance testing of online ad server that ultimately powered Expedia's hotel suggestion system.
  • Wrote performance testing framework around JMeter and JMX, and hooked the framework into our continuous integration process.
  • Discovered many showstopper bugs before release, and uncovered repeatable steps for the toughest bugs encountered post-release.
  • Managed suite of integration tests using Ruby, Cucumber and Celerity.
Frontend Developer, The Open Planning Project / OpenGeo
September 2007 — July 2009, New York, NY
  • Managed development of a geospatial map viewer for Alachua County, FL (Javascript). "This product wouldn't have succeeded without you."
  • Experimented with session-based test management, guiding both developers and testers.
  • Led internal user testing and created user testing manuscripts for remote clients.
  • Front-end development (Javascript) for various other geospatial-related products.
Conferences &
Virtual host and keynote speaker of TruffleCon 2020
November 2020, Virtual
Host and keynote speaker of TruffleCon 2019
August 2019, Redmond, WA
Speaker at DEVCON 4: Truffle Suite Year in Review
November 2018, Prague, Czech Republic
Host and keynote speaker of TruffleCon 2018
October 2018, Portland, OR
Speaker at DEVCON 1: Introducing the DappStore
January 2016, London, Great Britain
Speaker at Tasting Let's Test South Africa: Automation... Sucks (sometimes)
November 2014, Johannesburg, South Africa
Speaker at Let's Test 2014: Quitting: Not Just for Quitters
July 2014, Stockholm, Sweden
Speaker at Tasting Let's Test Oz: Agile Testing in Silicon Alley
August 2013, Sydney, Australia
Closing keynote speaker at CAST 2014
August 2014, New York, NY
Public Works &
Technical Advisor to Phonon DAO & Multisig Member
https://phonon.network/, January 2022 — Present
Executive Vice President of the Association for Software Testing
Elected by board vote, August 2010 — August 2012
Program Chair for CAST 2010
Conference for the Association for Software Testing, August 2010, Grand Rapids, MI
Board Member of the Association for Software Testing
Elected by membership vote, July 2009 — August 2012
Open Source Developer
Made major contributions to the following projects:
  • Truffle Suite - http://trufflesuite.com
  • Ethereum Package Manager - https://www.ethpm.com/
  • EthereumJS - https://github.com/ethereumjs
  • OpenLayers - http://www.openlayers.org
  • GeoExt - http://www.geoext.org
Languages &
Solidity, 2015 – Present
Typescript, 2018 – Present
Javascript, 2007 – Present
Python, 2006 – Present
HTML, CSS, 1994 – Present
Ruby, Rails, 2005 – 2015
Sparc & Intel x86 Assembly, 2003 - 2004
ASP & C#, 2005
Java & JFC, 2003 – 2007
C++ & MFC, 1997
... and many more ...
Available upon request.